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Alzheimer's Disease Prediction Service (ADPS): a computational biomarker solution.

Current state-of-the-art diagnostic measures of Alzheimer's disease (AD) are invasive (cerebrospinal fluid analysis), expensive (neuroimaging) and timeconsuming (neuropsychological assessment) and thus have limited accessibility as frontline screening and diagnostic tools for AD. This project proposes a novel computational biomaker for mobile phones (ADPS) which may facilitate early and potentially more effective therapeutic and preventative strategies for AD.

pARTicip - Kunst im öffentlichen Raum neu entdecken

Tinguely, Saint Phalle, Luginbühl, Serra – entdecken Sie die für uns doch meist so unbemerkten Kunstschätze im öffentlichen Raum der Schweiz.
Erfahren Sie mehr zu den einzelnen Werken und ihren Künstlern, finden Sie das nächstgelegene Kunstwerk und teilen Sie Ihre Entdeckung mit Freunden. Mit einer Meldefunktion in der App laden wir Sie ein, sich aktiv an der Erfassung von Kunstwerken und deren Erhalt zu beteiligen.

MOTI - mobile timber cruise

MOTI takes advantage of Smartphone technology to enable simple and convenient capturing of key variables related with the condition of forests. The application is specifically designed for forestry professionals to capture in an easy, cost effective and reliable manner key dendrometric variables including basal area, number of trees per ha, tree height and stock, as a single measurement combined in a sample plot, or at the level of a stand inventory with automatic calculation of the error range of the estimations. MOTI thus provides the solid basis for decision making directly in the forest. Moreover, this information can be used for tree marking or for planning measures in the context of developing a forest management plan.

Linked Data Orchestration Workbench (DOW)

Better decision-support and transparency in the public and private sector requires transforming and integrating a growing amount of heterogeneous data in various formats. In this project, we create a workbench of tools and tailored procedures to enable exploitation of academic results in Linked Data.

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Manuel Kohler

  • Research Assistant
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Web Development, Native iOS and Android

Tobias Schäuble

  • Master student
  • Software development, UI and UX design
  • Web Front and Backend, Hybrid Application Development, Native iOS and Android

Florian Bühlmann

  • Master student
  • Software development
  • Node-Stack, Angular, Android, OpenGL

Junior RAs

  • Bachelor candidates
  • Software Developer
  • Web Development, Native iOS and Android