Publications: Dr. Annett Laube(-Rosenpflanzer)


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Publishes regularly in the online journal

International Conferences

·        Laube, R. König: Secure Two-Factor Authentication with SwissPass Crypto Card: A Case Study. Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2017.

·        P. Mainini, A. Laube-Rosenpflanzer: Access Control in Linked Data Using WebID. A Practical Approach Validated in a Lifelong Learning Use Case. Semantics 2016.

·        S. Hopfner, S. Kesselring, D. Cazzol, K. Gutbrod, A. Laube-Rosenpflanzer, M.Chechlacz et al. “Neglect and Motion Stimuli – Insights from a Touchscreen-Based Cancellation Task”. PLoS ONE 10 (2015).

·        Laube, S. Hauser: myIDP – the Personal Attribut Hub”, Fifth InternationalConferences on Advanced Service Computing, SERVICE COMPUTATION 2013. (Best Paper Award)

·        W. Arsac, A. Laube, H. Plate: “Policy Chain for Securing Service Oriented Architectures”, 5th SETOP International Workshop on Autonomous and Spontaneous Security, Pisa, Italy, September 2012.

·        Laube, P. Winkler: „Generation of choreography skeletons from web service definitions”, Second International Conferences on Advanced Service Computing, SERVICE COMPUTATION 2010, November 2010.





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